Passinho emerged from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro embodied in the electrifying talented youngsters expressing their aesthetic power through movement. This, coupled with the available digital technology ignited a cultural phenomenon that quickly spread internationally. This dance scene absorbs movements such as frevo, capoeira, samba and break, as well as aspects of mimicry, kuduro and contortionism. Passinho ́s power includes the endless movement of appropriation, refusal and creative assimilation of rhythms; as well as deeply touches the audience with its precision and beauty in a country where historically the cultural expression of slums was excluded.


Rodrigo Vieira is a dancer born in Curitiba Brazil in 1981. After studying dance in Brazil, he was invited to integrate dance companies in europe such as Ballet Gulbenkian (Lisbon) and Gelabert Azzopard (Barcelona), where he danced for 7 years. He moved back to Brazil in 2008, this time to São Paulo to study body languages and acting which led him to direct and choreograph. From dancer to artistic director his current research revolves around rhythms from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo; His creative processes and artistic immersions enable the construction of new bridges that connect the “center to the periphery” of those big cities. His project was successful raising funds, chosen by O Boticario na Dança 2017, incentive laws Proac ICMS e Lei Rouanet. He has presented in Brazil and abroad, such as Theatro Municipal of Rio de Janeiro (2015), Lincoln Center – New York (2015), Theater Spektakel – Switzerland  (2016) , Sesc São Paulo (2016 – 2017) and Galeria Olido – São Paulo (2015 – 2017).